Developer Relations Evangelist

Job Description

The MariaDB team is looking for an energetic and passionate problem solver to join our Developer Relations team as a Developer Evangelist! In this role, you will focus on building and cultivating the MariaDB application developer community, inspiring developers to solve their data problems with MariaDB and motivating our users to become champions of MariaDB.

You will also work closely with the Product and Engineering teams to relay feedback from our users, thereby helping us discover and solve challenging data problems. You will be responsible for understanding and using MariaDB with a level of confidence that is infectious to our users.


Driving awareness and adoption of MariaDB geospatial products and capabilities among developers across the world
Educating and empowering developers that want to consume geospatial data, code geo spatial applications or enrich their apps with geospatial capabilities using MariaDB by producing compelling content in a variety of formats such as blog posts, walk-through tutorials, videos, sample applications and more
Engaging with the MariaDB developer community, gaining an understanding of their geospatial needs, and advocating for them within the company
Serving as an ambassador for MariaDB in-person and virtually at developer conferences, webinars, hackathons, and various other types of events
Working closely with our Marketing, Producing and Engineering teams to help developers be successful using MariaDB products

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