Back-End Developer

Company Overview

The Citizen Development platform Betty Blocks is all about empowering a new generation of developers and breaking the boundaries of technology for business innovation. They support citizen developers, help organizations innovate, and challenge assumptions of what a no-code platform can achieve.

Job Description

As a back-end developer you will be working on our no-code platform, Betty Blocks! Examples of problems we are trying to solve include:
Enabling our no-coders to build fast & responsive single page applications without using a line of code.
Building a generic, secure & scalable API on top of our users data, allowing them to use data in their applications.
Running the business logic our no-coders created at scale, while making sure that one application does not influence other applications.
To tackle these problems you will work in one of our international scrum teams, which consist of topnotch Front- and Back End Developers, designers and DevOps engineers. Each team owns a part of our product from front to back. Being responsible for the quality, scalability & design of their feature.


Alkmaar, Netherlands

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