Competitive Analysis Specialist


Akinon is a global software development company that provides state-of-the-art omnichannel solutions for top retail brands worldwide (Lacoste, Gant, Nautica, Sephora, Marks & Spencer, Banana Republic, etc.).

Based on more than 20 years of retail industry experience and with the support of a large team of highly skilled software developers, Akinon has created a suite of Cloud-based Omnichannel Applications (Akinon Commerce, Omnitron, Akinon OMS, Akinon Instore App, and Akinon Native AppBuilder for iOS & Android) which technologically disrupts the retail industry and offers a true Omnichannel experience.


Optimizing and managing competitive & market intelligence processes that monitor, measure, and reports on critical competitive/market activity,
Managing an internal competitive intelligence process,
Providing information to C-level executives and team managers to point out high-level strategic projects depending on competitive/market analysis,
Collaborating with cross-functional teams to analyze the value chains where our businesses compete (retailer/customer trends, competitive threats, new technologies, and other opportunities or barriers) and identify strategic moves that enhance the company’s position,
Performing industry, competitor, and retailer/customer analysis; monitoring and evaluating the impact of trends; watching for critical opportunities and barriers; gathering quantitative/qualitative data, conducting research, and derives forward-looking insights; coordinating with product marketing, product management, and sales teams to develop battle cards and build strategic development plans,
Guiding scenario construction or wargaming as it relates to responding to market activity,
Creating presentations to effectively communicate the results of the team’s research and analysis to stakeholders at all levels.


Istanbul, Turkey

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