Business Solution Architect

Job Description

The Business Solution Architect will lead Itineris’ functional team with the delivery of UMAX to our Clients.


  • Lead the Functional team
  • Work with the client, share the timelines of the project, communicate information
  • Work with TSA, and DM lead functions to ensure all are working towards the same goals
  • Support the Project Manager to manage Project scope. Work with BWL Implementation Manager to confirm that the Project- specific Business Process Design meets business needs
  • Manage the Issue log
  • Increase the Fit percentage by advocating the pre-config at all times
  • Work with the FSA on impact analysis
  • Present and defend in the Decision Board of Stakeholders the least system impacting change
  • Lead and/or participate in Business Process Workshops
  • Confirm that the operational strategy is fully supported by the Solution Design
  • Broker compromise between solution design and operational strategy
  • Own the to-be process vision fully mapped to UMAX functionality
  • Work with BWL Implementation Manager to define policies and Acceptance Criteria
  • Support Project-specific planning and delivery of change activities, including:
  • Job Impact Assessment
  • Overall Transition Planning
  • Champion and monitor delivery of change actions into the business units

Job Location

Atlanta, USA

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