Technical Account Manager/Enterprise Architect

Job Description

As a Technical Account Manager/EA you are responsible for day-to-day management and technical operation of a strategic MariaDB customer. This complex role will be centered around three different primary responsibilities. The first responsibility will be for performing Infrastructure DBA related tasks of customer MariaDB environment on AWS EC2 infrastructure.  This will be work guided by SLAs and workflows and will include tasks such as provisioning databases, patching and upgrading, and decommissioning customer databases. Additionally, the TAM will be responsible for day-to-day account management on site at the customer location. This will be accomplished by embedding themselves into the customer application and database teams, making sure that remote DBA staff is adhering to SLAs, managing escalations of work and support interactions, acting as the subject matter expert for MariaDB at the customer and keeping the customer apprised of all technical and product updates to MariaDB technology. Finally, the TAM will act as the liaison between customer and MariaDB teams including support, remote DBA, development and engineering. This will include reporting and project management duties along with the technical duties.


  • Act as primary SME and point of contact onsite at customer location]
  • Perform infrastructure related DBA tasks such as provisioning, patching, upgrading and decommissioning of MariaDB database instances on Customer infrastructure
  • Work hand-in-hand with MariaDB support team and customer DBA team to ensure quality of managed service and adherence to SLAs
  • Develop, maintain and ensure adherence with custom workflows for tasks undertaken in customer environment.
  • Write status reports for weekly/monthly/quarterly projects
  • Act as a point of escalation and a customer advocate to internal teams (Engineer, Support, Sales)
  • Ensure customer satisfaction by providing high quality service
  • Communicate with Sales and Presales teams to ensure continued customer satisfaction
  • Develop a unique community of practice within MariaDB highlighting a specific skill set or topic important to the TAM

Job Location

Northern California, USA

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