Scala Backend Engineer

Job Description

We’re proud of what we do, and so should you! There’s no technology you deem too difficult to understand. Maybe you’re already familiar with SAML, DANE, SMTP, SCIM, and DKIM. But if you ever encounter a new four-letter acronym you won’t rest until you’ve read the RFC top to bottom. We never say “I don’t know”, we only sometimes say “I don’t know yet”. That’s how we roll at ZIVVER. We want you to rock and roll along with us!


  • Take ownership of the backend code base:
    • Guard design and code consistency. Spaces over tabs. Period.
    • Write and update documentation. A little ScalaDoc here ‘n’ there.
    • Maintain code quality. Idempotency and purity!
    • Dependency and compatibility management. Anything outdated?
  • Quality of the backend system:
    • Peer reviews, nobody has four eyes.
    • Test coverage. Not too low. Not too high…
  • Coordinate releases with product manager, write release notes and change logs, work together on a launch checklist.
  • Improve team collaboration, e.g. branch/merge strategies, workflows, etc.
  • Triage bug reports. Hold the line or fix later?

Job Location

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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