People Business Partner

Job Description

So, your friends call you a coach? You consider yourself more of a people specialist, because connecting people and solving problems is what makes you tick. Not in a way that you’re helping out troubled couples and gluing their marriage back together, but by helping out teams where people get the opportunity to excel. At Zivver, we’re looking for a new People Business Partner. Someone who’s the go-to person within an organization when it comes to people and culture challenges to establish a top-performance environment.

You’re a sparring partner for executives and support leads in how they can get the best out of their people, while keeping an eye on what’s needed on the business side. You ensure that employees feel challenged and help them with personal development. The best part of the job? Giving people new insights by mirroring them and constantly seeking the question behind the question. By doing this you don’t only make an impact on a single person, but on an entire team – or the whole company. Because your solutions are scalable for everyone.


– Sparring partner for management and employees

– Create an employee experience in line with Zivver’s DNA and values

– You’re the right-hand to the Head of People for people projects

– Measure and analyze People data for better decision making

Job Location

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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