Application Support Consultant

Job Description

As our Application Support Consultant, you provide support on all UMAX functionalities to our customers. In this role, you not only develop a strong professional relationship with our clients, but also learn quickly all ins & outs of our UMAX application, which will enable you to become a functional expert.


  • treat Records initiated by the Customer (key users):
    • Incidents/problem fixes: diagnose and solve the problem or in case adjustments must be made (incl. development, testing and deployment), give status updates to the customer, follow up & close the incident
    • Functional changes (prioritized by the customer): perform impact analysis (in time, money – in case of an RFC – and other Impact), determine which functional changes are recorded to which sprint backlog and (after approval of the customer) realize the functional change
  • assure a professional and successful service delivery approach towards the customer
  • respect all agreements between Itineris and the Customer, as set in the eXperience & Service Level Agreement (XLA/SLA) document
  • provide input, advice and training to key-users and colleagues
  • take part in project related activities as required
  • participate in the standby schedule to ensure the resolution of incidents
  • when functional questions arise, bridge between the client’s organization and the Itineris Operations team
  • detect new business opportunities and communicate them to Business Development

Job Location

Belgium / Europe

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