Team Lead Ruby Development

Job Description

All development teams at Silverfin are organized to focus on a certain area, service or functional domain – your mission will be bootstrapping third-party integrations, building advanced migration tooling, designing & setting up application frameworks as well as developing a third-party ecosystem based on our Silverfin API.

Yes you will be leading a team in full expansion which means there are a lot of choices yet to be made – you will have the keys to the city and map out how best to achieve our goals. This includes building out open sourced content to showcase our API’s towards integration partners, customers and other fintech companies.

Some creativity will be required as well as a solid habit of building out a long term vision to make the lives easier of your team members by tweaking the development process and creating tooling and services as needed. You will be the go-to person to liaise with other key members of the other development teams and that includes our co-CEO who created the Silverfin platform.

Working on integration also means interacting with others and bringing engineering excellence towards customers and partners to bring them up to speed quickly so you have more time for the fun stuff – coding!

We are a global company, this team is partially rooted in our Gent office while full remote working is certainly possible but we do hope you can visit our office to meet us once in a while.



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