Enterprise Architect

Job Description

As an Enterprise Architect you are a proven leader in the database industry.  Your expertise is used to drive customer success amongst our largest, most strategic customers.  From leading deep technical architecture sessions with DBAs and Developers one day to presenting in a C-Suite session the next, the role of Enterprise Architect is an always changing, engaging opportunity for the right individual to lead from the front in the ever changing field of enterprise data.

You will work across customer and MariaDB teams to build better technology and solutions. This will help MariaDB and our customers make better decisions in a holistic manner while planning for future growth. You will provide our customers the value of MariaDB services while optimizing their environments, availability and scalability.

You will be uniquely positioned to drive future development of MariaDB products based on the needs of our most important customers and will have an important impact on the direction of our technology now and in the future.

Job Location

Anywhere in the US.

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