Team Lead Integration Engineering

Job Description

  • Lead and organize the team supporting customers and partners with the integration of THEO Technologies SDKs in customer software and applications.
  • People manage the team of Integration Engineers spread across multiple operational sites.
  • Report to the senior management team on customer integration and support activities executed, planned and needing attention.
  • Ensure 24/7 service request capability to global customers by organizing the expert team and ensuring escalation capabilities.
  • Prioritize and balance team activities in alignment with company targets, customer and business priorities.
  • Help grow customer facing teams into the role of trusted consultant capable of handling customer requests on how THEO Technologies products fit into video solutions.
  • Drive software architects and product management crazy with product improvement ideas improving the activities of your team.
  • Support the team to be the spider in the web when it comes to data gathering and problem analysis of customer requests by coordinating with other experts on SDK deficiencies, bugs or complex integration problems.
  • Understand software and application development based on THEO Technologies SDK on platforms like SmartTV (Tizen, WebOS, …), mobile devices (iOS, Android) and web browsers, to facilitate team knowledge growth.
  • Understanding THEO Technologies strategic and competitive position, to support continued top of industry delivery of video playback features.
  • Personal and team ideation towards management on customer satisfaction improvements.

Job Location

Leuven, Belgium

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