Data Scientist

Job Description

Our ML data science team focuses on the application of data science, statistics and ML to further advance MariaDB’s industry-leading database services to achieve exceptional user experiences. This includes self-identification of workload patterns with leading indicators for stability, and prediction of incident likelihood, backed by robust event-causal models to deliver certain self-stabilizing autonomous actions or to identify a set of probable causes either behind or leading to certain database incidents.

The ML data science team has two (2) immediate openings for talents with advanced and intermediate data science skills plus pragmatic code development experiences. Both positions require one to work in a combination of data science and code development.

The first position is a senior-level role whose incumbent will be expected to have a deep working knowledge of data exploration, modeling, learning, and algorithm, while the second position is expected to focus more on code implementation but with intermediate data science knowledge and experience.

Job Location

Redwood City, CA, USA

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